Why choose ZEN Bootcamp?

Bootcamp Classes

ZEN Bootcamp can offer you a variety of times and days – plus claim your first bootcamp (or week) free!

Venue & Facilities

ZEN bootcamps are held outdoors in Teddington. We run popular bootcamp fitness sessions all year around

Qualified Instruction

We aim to have at least two trainers to motivate you at every ZEN bootcamp session

ZEN Body 6 Week Challenge








We’ll tell you how you can get the 6 Week Challenge for FREE.

Take action and make the first step to getting the body you want


Teddington’s leading venue for Bootcamps

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Teddington’s leading venue for Bootcamps

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Teddington’s leading venue for Bootcamps

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ZEN Bootcamp ‘is a workout like no other’… Blitz the body fat & get in the best shape of your life with full body workouts combining running, sprinting, bodyweight & core circuits, kettle bells, boxing and team games…

So, what challenges are YOU facing?

  • You signed up for a gym membership but are either not going regularly or spending more time in the coffee shop drinking coffee with your friends?
  • You’re attending exercises classes but not getting the results you want and would like to work out in a bigger, freer space?
  • Your children are at school and you want to workout, but don’t want to do it on your own?
  • You don’t know where to start with exercise and feel worried about signing up for a gym membership?
  • You can’t get into those skinny jeans you’ve had stored in the cupboard?
  • You don’t feel motivated about anything, and don’t have that get up & go?
  • You have put weight on around your belly and your arms are missing that definition?

You Don't Have To Feel Like This Anymore!

If you want to achieve better health and fitness, you have to be committed to living a healthier lifestyle. If you’re not doing that, you have to be motivated to change the behaviors holding you back.
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Stretch out with fellow boot campers at the end of the session. Would you like to step up the challenge? Why not join us in team games at the end of the session and then dare to attempt to take on the 5k run challenge!


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ZEN Results:

“Alan and his team have encouraged me to give my all. In the five months since starting 1-1 Training and ZEN Bootcamp I’ve already lost just under 5 stone (65lbs), losing 39 ins off my body measurements and can now run 5K. Thanks ZEN for fab sessions – I LOVE IT”

– Sarah [Mum & Business Builder]

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