Meet the ZEN Team

Alan Ezen

Founder (ZEN PT), Head Coach

About Me

Hi I’m Alan Ezen, I’m the owner of ZEN Training and ZEN Bootcamp.

Over the last 7 years we’ve been helping 100s of clients achieve life changing results in the local area through our bespoke tailored guidance and service. We’ve built a great support team of great trainers, nutritionists and also physios to help our clients achieve their ultimate aims and goals.

I’ve always been into health and fitness, but especially over the last eight years having raced in Cross Country for Surrey Clubs, run marathons, taking part in Obstacle Course races as well as triathlons.

I’ve worked out of many corporate gyms including Fitness First, Fusion, The Gym Group, other private health clubs as well as training clients in their homes and parks. I’ve helped people from all different walks of life including business professionals, accountants, actors, models, teachers and stay at home mums.

I constantly update and broaden my health and fitness skills and knowledge. This includes learning from some of the top coaches and academics. This ensures my clients get the best and most up to date service possible. I offer 100% guaranteed results for all clients on my different programmes I offer for my 1-1, small group and larger group training.


My training specialties and qualifications include:

  • REPS LVL 3 Personal Trainer
  • Advanced Diploma in Personal Training
  • Sports Nutrition & Weight Management
  • KBT & BWLA Strength & Conditioning
  • Premier – Advanced Multi-planar Kettlebell Instructor
  • Pete Cohen – Fitness Mindset Academy Coach
  • Pre & Post Natal Exercise
  • Barefoot Running Coach
  • ABA Boxing Tutor
  • Hatton & Mayweather Boxing
  • Circuit & Spinning Instructor
  • HSE First Aider
Likes / Dislikes

Like: Running & Sporting challenges

Dislike: Wasps & pests

Charlee Piggott


About Me

Hi, my name is Charlee, I am a Nutrition and Health graduate and registered Nutritionist.

After personally experiencing the remarkable affects appropriate nutrition can have, I decided to help others find freedom from weight problems and health conditions through the power of food! I am passionate about exposing myths while educating people how to eat real, healthy foods in a manner that is scientifically proven.

As a result of completing my degree and working in a health food store, I have developed a vast range of skills and an understanding of various aspects of clinical, sports and public nutrition including firm foundations in biomedical science and human physiology. This led me to embark on my own study focusing on my specialist subject “Diets followed by women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome”. This also gave me the unique opportunity to work as a research assistant for Roehampton University.

Here at Zen personal training I aim to examine the larger picture of an individual’s health, lifestyle and eating history in order to provide the most comprehensive nutrition plan to achieve the results they desire.


My training specialties and qualifications include:

  • Roehampton University, BSc Nutrition and Health (Hons)
  • AfN Registered Nutritionist (Association for Nutrition)
  • Research assistant for Roehampton University – focusing on a global investigation into the eating behaviours of women with PCOS

Studies include:

  • “Are women with PCOS satisfied with the dietary advice they receive?”
  • “Pathways for PCOS: Mapping treatment and referral routes for women diagnosed  with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome”.
Likes / Dislikes

Like: Working out and socialising with friends

Dislike: Rudeness. Wasps, bees or any flying thing that resembles a wasp or a bee!

Susan Harper-Clarke


About Me

Hi, my name is Sue. I trained in the UK and have over 17 years of musculoskeletal physiotherapy experience in both the NHS and private sectors.

I have a Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine and have worked for professional teams such as London Broncos RLFC, Saracens RUFC and The Great Britain Rowing Team. Working in these teams has cemented my belief that a multidisciplinary collaborative team approach enhances recovery from injury.

I am highly experienced in the rehabilitation of complex musculoskeletal pathologies and have a special interest in foot and ankle injuries, biomechanical analysis and muscle balance assessment. I am especially interested in helping people change their individual running style to reduce injury risk and prevent injury recurrence.


My training specialties and qualifications include:

  • BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy 1:1
  • MSc Sports and Exercise Medicine
  • Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP)
  • Member of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP)
  • Registered with The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
Likes / Dislikes

Like: Triathalon training and boot-camps

Dislike: Carbonara sauce (yuck!) and pigeons

George Onslow

Bootcamp Trainer / Personal Trainer

About Me

I am a hard working, enthusiastic individual with personality and a genuine passion for health and fitness. Since passing Level 3 in Personal Training with Premier Global, I have gained two further qualifications in Spinning Instruction and Advanced Nutrition for Weight Management.

Coupled with a strong retail management background and an excellent understanding of customer service and sales, I am able to communicate with clients and give a professional account of both myself and my employer.


My training specialties and qualifications include:

  • Personal Trainer (Level 3)
  • Certificate in Emergency First Aid at Work (Level 2)
  • Certificate in Instructing Circuit Sessions (Level 2)
  • Certificate in Instructing Kettlebells (Level 2)
  • Certificate in Working with Communities to Promote Active and Healthy Lifestyles (Level 2)
  • Certificate in Spinning Instruction
  • Certificate in Advanced Nutrition for Weight Management
  • Premier – TRX/Suspension Movement Instructor
Likes / Dislikes

Like: Details soon…

Dislike: Details soon…

Bruno Scalise

Bootcamp Trainer / Personal Trainer

About Me

I have worked for years honing my skills to offer you a well rounded service that doesn’t only burn calories, but changes your relationship with your body and your health. In a nutshell: optimal fitness, posture, neuromuscular strength and balance.

My training method stems from my background in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo – modalities I practice daily and compete at as often as I can – and is all about encouraging personal empowerment and offering the necessary support to help you see quick and lasting changes.

I plan results-driven workouts that not only suit your needs and goals, but are also stimulating and fun.

No limits, no excuses.


My training specialties and qualifications include:

  • Personal Trainer L3
  • Soft Tissue & Sports Massage Therapist L5* (*currently finishing my studies)
Likes / Dislikes

Like: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo

Dislike: Traffic

Richard Lamb

Bootcamp Trainer / Personal Trainer

About Me

‘Health and fitness isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life!’

Fed up of working endless hours for a corporate finance machine I needed something which would ignite passion within me and give me a real purpose again.

I embarked on my career as a full-time personal trainer at the beginning of 2014 and this has provided me with all the job satisfaction that I craved.  I enjoy meeting and listening to people and take a special interest in the consultation process.  This provides an insight into the individual which makes developing tailored training and lifestyle packages more effective.  Witnessing clients surpass their goals holds a real intrinsic value which few other jobs can replicate.

Although I come from a rugby and triathlon background I possess many different qualifications enabling me to help a variety of people regardless of fitness levels.  So, whether you are looking to tone up, lose weight, gain muscle mass, increase speed, improve core stability or just looking for that weekly fitness blitz then sign up to Zen Boot Camps and get the results you desire.


My training specialties and qualifications include:

  • Physical Education A Level
  • BAWLA (British Amateur Weight Lifting Association) Award 2000
  • Premier – International Diploma in Advanced Personal Training 2012
  • Introduction to Kettlebell Training 2012
  • Introduction to ViPR Training 2012
  • Emergency First Aid at Work
  • Premier – Studio Cycle Instructor Certificate 2014
  • Advanced Nutrition for Weight Management Certificate 2014
  • Level 3 Award in Pre and Post Natal Exercise Programmes 2014
  • Premier – Level 3 in Exercise Referral
  • Premier – Level 4 Diploma in Specialist Exercise (Low back pain)
Likes / Dislikes

Like: Strength and Power Training

Dislike: Lack of Commitment

Mariam Egan

Pers Trainer / Pilates & Barre Instructor

About Me

Hi my name is Mariam. I am a Level 3 personal trainer, qualified Barre instructor and also hold the Exercise to Music certificate given my background as a dancer and dance instructor. Before qualifying as PT, I was a professional dancer for over 10 years in Central Asia, the USA and the UK. In my earlier life I also played tennis to national level.

I really enjoy working in the Fitness industry. I love to help people achieve their fitness goals. I’m a hardworking, motivated and easy going person and I’m always there for my clients to support them on their fitness journey.

I have an excellent knowledge of the body’s limitations and aim to utilise my experience gained in dance, Personal Training, Barre and tennis to make your workout more interesting! I also speak fluent Russian and Farsi if you prefer lessons in your mother tongue!

I believe that those which pursue an active lifestyle will be those which have better health, posture, confidence and stress management in the long run!


My training specialties and qualifications include:

  • REPs registered Personal Training and Fitness Instructor Level 3
  • Advanced Diploma in Personal Training
  • Certified Barre Instructor
  • Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Level 3 Award in Ante/Post Natal Exercise
  • Certificate in Exercise to Music
  • Certificate in Teaching T3
  • Certificate in Instructing Circuit Sessions
  • Certificate in Instructing Outdoor Fitness (Level 3)
  • Certificate in Sports Conditioning (Level 3)
  • Diploma in Exercise Referral (Level 3)
  • Certificate in Group Indoor Cycling
  • Emergency First Aid at Work Level 2
Likes / Dislikes

Like: Burning off all the chocolate I’ve eaten

Dislike: Rest days

Will Purdue

Bootcamp Trainer / Personal Trainer

About Me

Hi, I’m a Strength Coach and Rehabilitation specialist and have been working as a Personal Trainer since 2009. I love helping clients become stronger, healthier and more athletic. I’ve worked with a huge range of clients from elite athletes (Triathlon and Tennis), to clients returning or just beginning their fitness journey.

I’m a huge fan of Weightlifting and Conditioning (especially speed and agility work) plus Yoga, so expect to see a lot of this in my training sessions. I play football for Wandsworth, though will be switching to Tennis and Touch Rugby for the summer, I love playing outdoors and regular commitments keep me motivated!

I’m currently working towards my Yoga teacher accreditation, and have booked a five month course with Sarah Ramsden, Yoga Coach at Manchester United.


My training specialties and qualifications include:

  • Biosignature Lev 1
  • Faster Biomechanics
  • Yoga for Football at FA Centre
  • Boxercise
  • Spin
  • Circuits
Likes / Dislikes

Like: Yoga, Football, Strength Training, Music, getting outdoors

Dislike: Inequality, poverty and being woken up by my cats!

Adrian Tache

Bootcamp Trainer / Personal Trainer

About Me

I used to be a professional football player who played First and Second League in Romania and for the Youth National Team.

I’m using my passion for sport into training and teaching. I’m determined to help and assist anyone in achieving their goals from general fitness, healthier lifestyle to Sports Performance.

I am highly skilled in:

  • Demonstrating how to perform different exercises and routines
  • Observing clients do exercises and telling them right techniques to reduce injury and improve fitness
  • Giving substitute exercises during classes for different levels of fitness and skills
  • Keeping an eye on clients’ progress and adjust programs as needed

My training specialties and qualifications include:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Certified Spinning Instructor
  • Certified in Strength & Conditioning NCSC
  • Certified Football Coach Level 1
  • Sports Therapist
Likes / Dislikes

Like: Details soon…

Dislike: Details soon…

Elisabeth Bowen

Bootcamp Trainer / Personal Trainer

About Me

Hi, my name is Elisabeth and after too many years of working for a living I decided to turn my hobby into my profession.

I’ve enjoyed running for many years, pounding the streets of London, New York and Llandeilo. I love a crazy HIIT class, Circuits, Pump Fit and the sometimes weird and wonderful knots I find myself folded into during Yoga classes.

As you might have guessed I’m “nicely matured” and am looking forward to sharing my passion for fitness with you. Being back in ‘school’ has renewed my taste for learning new skills and blending my life experience with my expanding knowledge of fitness and nutrition.


My training specialties and qualifications include:

  • Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training Level 3
  • Diploma in Fitness Instructing, Sales and Business Skills Level 2
  • Premier – Total Group Instructor Course
  • Premier – Advanced Multi-planar Kettlebell Instructor
  • Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise Training
  • Advanced Nutrition for Weight Loss
  • Advanced Nutrition for Physical Performance
  • Suspended Movement Instructor
  • Diploma in Exercise Referral
  • Emergency First Aid Level 2
Likes / Dislikes

Like: Knitting

Dislike: Fennel

Felicity Smith

Client Liaison

About Me

Hi, my name is Flic and I’ve been training at ZEN Bootcamp for 2 years and love the sessions. I’ve seen great results – I have a much better level of fitness and have seen some great changes to my body shape.

Training with ZEN has helped me feel healthier and happier and I’ve made some great friends at the sessions. I previously worked at Pepsi, PwC and Ernst & Young in various client services roles and managing teams.

I am keen to help Alan to continue to grow his business and hope that by giving ZEN clients (past and present) the opportunity to give regular feedback that we can make sure that everyone gets the most out of their training.


My training specialties and qualifications include:

Details soon…

Likes / Dislikes

Like: Holidays & being by the sea

Dislike: Coriander

Trainer X

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ZEN Bootcamp are seeking qualified and reliable fitness professionals to join our team.

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Our combined qualifications include :

So, what challenges are YOU facing?

  • You signed up for a gym membership but are either not going regularly or spending more time in the coffee shop drinking coffee with your friends?
  • You’re attending exercises classes but not getting the results you want and would like to work out in a bigger, freer space?
  • Your children are at school and you want to workout, but don’t want to do it on your own?
  • You don’t know where to start with exercise and feel worried about signing up for a gym membership?
  • You can’t get into those skinny jeans you’ve had stored in the cupboard?
  • You don’t feel motivated about anything, and don’t have that get up & go?
  • You have put weight on around your belly and your arms are missing that definition?

You Don't Have To Feel Like This Anymore!

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“Alan helped me achieve my goal of losing body fat, building lean muscle and increasing fitness.. Now I’m well on the way to having the body I always wanted, and this has a knock-on effect of increased confidence. I’m now in the best shape I’ve been for seven years.””

STEVE  (Actor / Journalist, Teddington)