Before my return to Australia I joined ‘The Gym’ in Kingston where Alan introduced himself to me. When I explained my fitness goals to him, we made an appointment and I spent the next 6 weeks following his tailored program. Not only was that in itself brilliant, and perfect in order to achieve my goals but he also presented to me a fantastic detox 9 day plan. I wanted to lose 2 kilos and he had exactly what I needed and always wanted to try… A brilliant detox program!

Not only did I lose 4 kilos in 9 days and get the definition I wanted to achieve in those 6 weeks I also felt completely motivated, more confident and healthier! I know if it wasn’t for Alan and all of his support alongside his expertise; not only would it have been harder and possibly I wouldn’t have achieved such a great result and experience. Probably the very best bit about meeting Alan and doing his recommended detox is that it introduced me to a product and a company that has changed my life in my more ways than one!

The supplement that I took whilst I was on the program I now take daily as turns out prevents me further suffering of IBS (as well as everything else it does). So if it wasn’t for Alan, I would still be suffering today and have taken on the fantastic opportunity of distributing the products myself! I highly recommend Zen PT, he (Alan) is exceptional at what he does and deserves your business as he will get you the results, and a lot more!”