After 2 kids and 2 c-sections I thought my body was pretty much shot. I was 2 stone overweight and counted running for a bus my daily exercise! I made every excuse under the sun that I would never regain the strength,tone and fitness I’d had prior to having my 2 kids.

I found Zen Bootcamp’s ’28 day Challenge’ via a feed on Facebook and it automatically caught my attention. The programme appealed to me because it had a strong emphasis on strength and conditioning whilst also giving the all important nutritional support. I met up with Alan who explained the programme in more detail and encouraged me to set goals to help motivate me during The Challenge!

I attended 3-4 bootcamps per week for 28 days and the results were very impressive. I lost 3.1kgs / 7 lbs, dropped 6 inches in total off my body and lost 3% body fat in 28 days. I felt so amazing I have kept up with bootcamps x2/week. After another month I’d lost another 2 kgs and another 4 inches off my body.

To put things in perspective I am now down from size 14 to 10 and have energy to burn. I am also doing my first ever triathalon in 2 months time! There is no way I would have even contemplated attempting a triathalon without Zen Bootcamps. It has changed my life…